Sastra Lingua Indonesia is a legally accredited language company engaged in translation, non-formal education, and training, as well as other language activities that have been granted an operating license by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia under the decree AHU-0011945.AH.01.07.TAHUN 2022.

Formerly known as ImaTransProof, Sastra Lingua Indonesia is the first language professional association to have based in Madura. Since 2014, Sastra Lingua Indonesia has been providing translation and other language solutions. Sastra Lingua Indonesia was started and developed by Imamatul Khair, an awardee of the United States Fulbright Scholarship 2021 in Bilingualism, ESL, and Multicultural Education. Sastra Lingua Indonesia was founded based on the value of “Interdependence of Culture, Language, and Community” which reflects the continuity between our linguistic team, culture, and language-speaking communities. By holding this value, Sastra Lingua Indonesia has successfully built a team that is tolerant of various cultural and linguistic differences and has a global outlook on linguistic issues both domestically and/or abroad. This value certainly symbolizes the breadth of our team’s knowledge of various languages, social backgrounds, and cultures where these languages come from. We use this value to bring our best services forward more optimally and contextually. 

Sastra Lingua Indonesia has organized and provided translation and other language services to various sectors, both government and private. With the professionalism and expertise of our team, Sastra Lingua Indonesia is trusted to work with various educational institutions and professional industries such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Diponegoro, Poltekes Jember, MUC Surabaya Tax Consulting Firm, PT. Kemin, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka, Regional Economic Development Institute (REDI), and others. Sastra Lingua Indonesia has also served clients with various types of professions such as researchers, government employees, lecturers, teachers, company directors, health workers, school/campus administrators, and other professions.  

Sastra Lingua Indonesia adheres to three working principles, namely “Expertise, Quality, and Trustworthiness”. Sastra Lingua Indonesia always prioritizes the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, Sastra Lingua Indonesia is committed to continuing to hone our qualified assets. The services carried out by Sastra Lingua Indonesia also uphold the principle of quality in all of our team’s work. Sastra Lingua Indonesia shows the quality of performance that can be recognized by local, national, and global audiences. Sastra Lingua Indonesia is a trusted and responsible professional partner who is ready to provide the best for our clients. Our motto “Expertise in Quality” represents our team’s expertise in providing the best quality language services. Sastra Lingua Indonesia has always been proactive in presenting high-quality language solutions and non-formal education/training as the main steps in encouraging a powerful and language-minded society. In addition, Sastra Lingua Indonesia also actively assists clients by providing services, information sources, and literary and linguistic support that are relevant, educational, and right on target. 

The presence of Sastra Lingua Indonesia amid Indonesian and global society supports sustainable development in up-to-date and quality language activities. To carry out this noble goal, Sastra Lingua Indonesia provides services in more than 15 languages at the local, national and international scopes. 

Sastra Lingua Indonesia connects languages beyond borders. 

Sastra Lingua Indonesia has the vision to create a balanced use of various languages in local, national, and international scopes. In achieving this vision, Sastra Lingua Indonesia believes that learning various languages allows access for all people to express ideas, emotions, and experiences more openly. We are determined to provide access to a broad, multilingual community to respond to language challenges in everyday life as well as in educational and professional spaces. 

Sastra Lingua Indonesia aims to provide excellent quality translation and other language solutions because we understand the language challenges faced by the Indonesian people and countries abroad of the importance of open knowledge. Our language services serve as a bridge to facilitate scholarly communication and increase the accessibility of information in various fields of knowledge. We believe that access to knowledge will improve the welfare of Indonesian and global citizens, build a well-educated generation, and strengthen cross-nations diplomacy through a language approach. 

Sastra Lingua Indonesia also aims to create jobs for domestic linguists to continue to develop their professional and quality linguistic skills. By providing opportunities for domestic linguists, Sastra Lingua Indonesia believes that domestic linguists are also able to level up the quality of the language industry in Madura and Indonesia to the international level.   

We believe in collaboration between various agencies to achieve this noble goal. This is the main reason why Sastra Lingua Indonesia is determined to open up extensive opportunities to work with various parties to develop more optimal and affordable language services.

Let’s work with us to win big success.