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Welcome to Sastra Lingua Indonesia’s Butterfly Class! Here, we offer language classes that are designed to be both effective and accessible for adults aged 19 and older. Our classes offer an innovative, multimodal approach that combines project-based and inquiry-based learning. Our goal is to make language learning fun, engaging, and easy for everyone.

We are proud to offer a multilingual and multimodal approach to learning languages, with project-based and inquiry-based learning. Our multilingual and multimodal methods are perfect for adults who struggle with adjusting to unfamiliar language patterns. The multilingual process entails studying in your mother tongue before proceeding to the language you want to learn. This method enables you to become acclimated to the learning environment before diving right into the new language, which can lead to improved comprehension and longer-term motivation to learn. Multimodal learning refers to teaching using a range of media. This could consist of visuals, sounds, videos, music, demonstrations, and more. You will benefit from the multimodal model regardless of your preferred learning method, as we will essentially cater to all of them.

To make sure you get the most out of our classes, we also emphasize project-based learning and inquiry-based learning. Interaction with tutors and each other is always encouraged. Our goal is to engage the minds of our Butterfly Class students and generate interest in pursuing further education. Effort is recognized and participation is praised in this environment. Through self-led activities where you can take responsibility and are given the authority to make independent decisions based on what you have learned, you will also find purpose and direction.

We offer options for both private and group classes, with packages that are tailored to meet your individual needs. We also have online and in-person classes that are affordable and flexible, meaning you may request classes whenever you please. Our classes are designed to be effective, giving you the confidence and skills to communicate in any language.

At Sastra Lingua Indonesia, we are dedicated to helping you learn your desired language in a friendly and professional environment. We want to make language learning accessible to everyone. Our classes are designed to be both effective and affordable, giving you the opportunity to reach your language goals quickly.

Start your journey to becoming a multilingual adult today! Sign up for Sastra Lingua Indonesia’s Butterfly Class and explore new cultures and languages with ease.

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