Expertise in Quality Language Services

We understand that you might have difficulties understanding your study or work in English. While you are studying or working, it is essential to build your language skills to boost your academic and career performance. If you are a student, your comprehensiveness to the subject matter is the key to success in your study. While for public or private employees, you need advanced communicative skills and theoretical understanding in your fields. In order to prepare you in academic or professional settings, our English Class for Specific Purposes will rocket your specialized language skills at its finest!


In this specialized class, learners will receive both theory and practice in scenarios. Our experienced English mentors will help learners attain their personalized goals. Class can be customized into private or group class with a rich conversation in your field of study or work. We provide a wide range of topics for both academic and business English. For academic English, we will boost your language skill with various types of listening, speaking, writing, and reading activities according to your purpose. While in Business English, we will situate your learning more towards professional business activities such as email correspondence, call conference, reporting, and many more.

Universities or companies are welcome to build partnership with us! We have highly credible mentors that will accompany your language learning to the fullest!

Please contact us for details on class admission.