What are the office hours at Sastra Lingua Indonesia?

Our staff is available to proceed with your orders on Monday-Thursday at 08:30-16:30;  Friday at 08:30-17:00; and Saturday at 09:00-16:30.

Where is your office located?

You can visit our office at Unit B5 Bumi Tlanakan Residence, Jl. Raya Panglegur, Pangloros, Kec. Tlanakan, Kab. Pamekasan, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Navigate your way to our office using Google Map.

What services does Sastra Lingua Indonesia offer?

We accommodate various language needs for our clients in Indonesia and abroad. Sastra Lingua Indonesia is the first linguist association based in Madura. We provide various language services including Translation & Editing,  Interpreting, Apostille & Legalization, Writing  Assistance, Research & Publication Assistance, Educational Consultation, Language Courses, Language Testing, and Early Childhood Education.

How do I send my documents to Sastra Lingua Indonesia?

Please contact our Customer Service via WhatsApp or Email. Let us know what service you need. Send your documents to our email based on the language service you choose. Please wait for our admin to give you the price and complete the payment. Upon the completion of your payment, your document will be ready to proceed. Further information, please check our page on order processing.

Can I have my legal documents sworn-translated at Sastra Lingua Indonesia?

Definitely, you can! Sastra Lingua Indonesia has expert sworn and certified translators with high credibility and quality. We are committed to giving you the best result with revisions if necessary. If you find something annoying in your manuscript, you can email us, and we will get back to you with the digital and/or printed document(s) to your email and/or home address.

May I know your sworn translator’s certificate?

Of course, you can. To maintain customer trust and service transparency, we always want to give you proof of our certification with due accountability. We assure our institution and our expert linguists have been certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is a proofreading service?

Sastra Lingua Indonesia offers high-quality proofreading services at reasonable prices. Our proofreading service is efficiently and accurately checking errors in structures, styles, punctuation, spelling, and syntax in your document. We understand that we need to maintain the original meaning of your texts either in journal articles, research articles, manuscripts, or business documents. Therefore, we work hard to ensure the accuracy of the word choice, context, sentence topics, and all other editing components.

How do I order interpreting services?

We accommodate various interpreting purposes in multiple languages such as for conferences, workshops, seminars, discussions, meetings, and other occasions. Our interpreting service can bridge your language needs with your partners with guaranteed accuracy and professionalism. Currently, we focus on giving on-site interpreting services in English, Indonesian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Arabic. In addition, we also provide online interpreting services in English, Indonesian, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Urdu, and Japanese.

Does Sastra Lingua Indonesia have super-quick services?

Sastra Lingua Indonesia provides regular, express, and super express services, and even we can finish your order within 1 x 12 hours! If you are in a rush like a peregrine falcon, you can use our express or super express services based on your needs!

How many times can I request revisions?

You can request revision one time if there are some issues with your manuscript based on our terms and conditions. For example, some sections of the manuscript are not checked; the word choice is less contextual; and some errors in grammar, typing, and style are found.

What languages does Sastra Lingua Indonesia serve?

We provide a wide range of multilingual services from local, national, and foreign languages. To make sure that the language you need is available, please contact our administrative assistant.

If I am fluent in foreign languages and have language competencies, can I apply to Sastra Lingua Indonesia?

Sastra Lingua Indonesia always offers opportunities for new linguists to be a part of our team. You need to check our recruitment page at https://sastralingua.co.id/fulltime-part-time-work/ to find available job vacancies.

Does Sastra Lingua Indonesia ensure our document’s security?

We are always aware of your concern about your data security. We apply strong and accountable security policies to secure our clients’ documents. All data submitted to us will be automatically removed upon completion.

Do you have a project manager and quality control team?

Sastra Lingua Indonesia has an expert project manager who handles all service orders. All processed documents will be checked by a quality control team assigned to make sure the reading quality of each writing. Our quality control team consists of trained and qualified editors. We also assign our project manager for special projects based on their urgency.

What language class can I participate in at Sastra Lingua Indonesia?

We provide some options for your foreign language learning. Our General English Program is suitable for kids, teens, and adult students. We also provide IELTS/TOEFL preparation for those who want to pursue their degree in Indonesia or abroad, take government official tests or Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil (CPNS), complete study completion/graduation requirements, and other purposes. We also provide English for Specific Purpose programs in various fields such as academics and business. This class is the right one for students, public and private employees, and entrepreneurs.