Expertise in Quality Language Services

Welcome to Sastra Lingua Indonesia, where we have the perfect language-learning experience for your little ones! Our fun, effective, and affordable Larva Class offers a learning approach that is tailored to the needs of students aged 6-11, as we believe it is never too early to start learning.

We offer a multilingual and multimodal approach to learning, which is especially effective with children. This is also known as “first-language-first” education, or starting the learning process in children’s mother tongue before moving on to the language they are learning. This approach allows children to get comfortable in the learning environment before jumping straight into the new language, which can result in better comprehension and increased motivation to continue learning in the long run. Multimodal learning refers to teaching ideas through a variety of media. This may include pictures, audio, video, music, movement, colors, and more. Children may benefit from the multimodal model as they are far more inclined to absorb information taught through play.


Additionally, we focus on project-based learning and inquiry-based learning to ensure that your children are getting the most out of our classes. Students are always encouraged to interact with tutors and each other. Here, curiosity is rewarded and engagement is applauded as we want to spark joy and inquisitiveness in your children, who are at the center of these learning experiences. They will have their confidence built through self-led activities, where they can take charge and are empowered to make independent decisions based on what they have learned.

We offer both private and group classes that are flexible, accessible, and fun for all primary school students. Our packages are designed to be affordable, giving all children the opportunity to learn a new language in an engaging, meaningful way. We are also flexible when it comes to special requests—no matter your schedule or learning goal, we can accommodate you. With our online and in-person classes, you can be sure that your children are getting the best education possible without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

At Sastra Lingua Indonesia, we believe that learning should be fun, and that’s why our classes are designed to be engaging, interesting, and above all, effective. Our friendly and professional staff will provide your child with the individualized attention they need to develop their language skills. Start your child’s language learning journey today with Sastra Lingua Indonesia!

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