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Placement Test for Teen & Adult

Dear Students,

Before you take group or private classes, you need to spend at least 30 minutes to answer some language and content questions in English. This placement test will examine your four language skills i.e., listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Each question will follow multiple choices and short answers. Contact our admin at admin@sastralingua.co.id or our WhatsApp number if you have any more questions about the test.

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Click to download the text for questions 1-7

  1. What is the main topic of the passage?

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2. From the text we can infer that…

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3. The word satiate in the text means…

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4. The sentence “We still need to explore [the case] to determine what steps to take” can be paraphrased into…

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5. Read the passage again. Please mention which paragraph says about some types of food that the child ate.

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6. What does Paragraph 6 tell you about?

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7. Write again the information in Paragraph 4 in your own words—”Currently, Pipit said her son preferred eating paper and she that had bought him a specific book from which he could tear up paper to snack on.”

Listen to the audio and find the answers to the following questions

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For Questions 8-12, listen to this following audio:

8. Babies have water composition of…

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9. Water exists the most in…

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10. Maintaining water level equally is useful to…

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11. Drinking coffee or tea cannot add to the fluid level in the body

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12. Humans can replenish the water level by eating supplementary foods such as vegetables and fruit.

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13. In a two-minute recording, please answer the following prompt:
“Tell us about the time when you had a great experience in your life”

Record your answer on Voice Recorder, and upload it on our Google Drive with this title format (Name_Pre-Assessment)

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14. Write a 100-word paragraph about “a fun trip you had last year.”