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Legal translation is a specialized kind of translation composed of texts that hold legal weight. This can include many different types of documents, from certificates and permits to contracts and letters. As they are rooted in law, legal translations need to be handled with the utmost care in order to be considered official, which is why it is important to invest in a certified or sworn translation. Sastra Lingua Indonesia hosts a team of certified and sworn translators who possess the legal terminology and knowledge needed to accurately handle these documents, all at an affordable price point.

Our legal translation service can be enlisted for academic, business, marriage, company, and immigration purposes, in addition to anything else per your request. In the academic sector, we can help translate items such as diplomas and grade transcripts. For business, we can help you translate documents such as deeds, licenses, permits, letters, and contracts. Personal papers such as birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates are also on our list of legally translatable items. For expatriates and those desiring to go abroad, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you—Sastra Lingua Indonesia has legal translation services for your immigration document needs. Besides immigration documents you can use to travel around the world, we are experienced in tackling legal translation by other subject matters, such as transcripts, prenuptial agreements, court case papers, police records, family documentation, and others.

In order to select the best type of legal translation for your needs, it is important to get to know the key differences between certified and sworn translations.

Certified translations are given by accredited translation firms such as Sastra Lingua Indonesia. This guarantees the quality and accuracy of every one of your translations. Our certified translators have the ability to adjust your document in terms of both content and formatting in order to fulfill the necessary requirements for it to be legally recognized. Certified translations are generally needed for formal procedures. This is why this process is handled by our certified translators who understand the technicalities of a legal translation, and will certainly keep your documents’ contents safe and secure. Currently, Sastra Lingua Indonesia is certified to translate more than 15 language pairs, including English and Indonesian.

As for sworn translations, these refer to documents that have been translated from one language to another by an authorized or sworn translator. Sworn translators are individuals who have been legally recognized by the government to write official translations. Sworn translations are considered to have as much merit as the original document, and this status can only be achieved through hiring a sworn translator. Sastra Lingua Indonesia’s sworn translators are able to translate from and to English, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, German, Dutch, and French. Get in touch with us today for all your legal translation needs!

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