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The process of translating audio or video content into text for all intents and purposes is called transcription. Transcripts can be displayed separately as a text file, word document, PDF, or web page, or they can be displayed as attachments alongside audio or video files. Multiple languages can be translated and used to show transcripts. Transcriptions are often necessary for projects such as academic journals, manuscripts, and research papers, especially for qualitative studies. In these settings, audio interviews are often conducted and need to be transcribed into text that can be easily read and understood on paper. It is very common for audio and video transcripts to be used by researchers to document the focus group discussions and interviews they host as part of their studies. Another use for transcription outside of academic purposes may also include increased accessibility in media for audio-impaired individuals. All of these reasons for needing transcriptions make it very important for said transcription to be done accurately and with attention to detail, which is why you should leave it to the professionals who promise not to miss a thing. Whatever your use for transcriptions may be, we’ve got you covered!

Sastra Lingua Indonesia is the best choice for researchers looking for accurate, thorough, and professional transcription services. We offer transcriptions in more than 15 different languages, including English and Indonesian, of course. These transcriptions can be done for any type of audio, especially for interviews. We are also able to translate transcriptions into other languages in our roster. To preserve the meaning of the original audio while making it comprehensible for readers, we use the clean read transcription process. At this point, the material is adjusted to provide a fluent and natural transcription. Unscripted content, such as recorded speeches and interviews, is best suited for this type of transcription. Our well-equipped team of professionals takes transcription accuracy and detail seriously and guarantees accurate, high-quality transcription for any type of research project. We are flexible when it comes to the template you desire. Simply let us know how you would like us to format your final transcriptions, and we will make it happen. Our friendly and professional team is here to help and make sure that your academic research is accurately transcribed.

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